Charting our Energy Future

The SAGES Team

The Argonne SAGES team is a trusted partner providing technical support to regulators, policy makers, strategic decision makers, and energy engineering teams.

Energy is a key component of economic development and economic preservation. The passion of the SAGES team is to help stakeholders identify and implement technically sound solutions that address economic and real world conditions while balancing stakeholder goals and abilities.

Our multidisciplinary team of over 25 experts applies deep knowledge across a wide area of expertise to projects focused on supporting technical, economic and policy aspects of:  Energy Markets; Electrical Grids (generation, transmission, fuels); Renewables (solar, wind, energy storage); Nuclear (light water systems, decommissioning); and Oil & Gas (drilling, completion, production, well decommissioning, HP/HT research).

Focus Areas

Policy Impact Assessment, Economic Analysis, and Technical Assistance

SAGES supports communities, states and nations through policy impact assessment, economic analysis and technical assistance. The multidisciplinary problem-solving skills and experience of SAGES are especially suited for identifying practical solutions to complex problems. Our analytical work delivers insight into issues and challenges facing the energy sector and our energy planning support strengthens institutional competencies to enable informed decision-making on energy investment planning and strategy development.

Risk Informed Decision Making – A Success-Based Approach

SAGES combines the scientific and technical capabilities of Argonne National Laboratory, including advances in the art of “Risk-Informed Decision Making” and financial engineering that effectively value risk. The SAGES team delivers practical solutions to meet complex energy and energy-related development challenges.

Success Paths—an approach pioneered by Argonne —is increasingly being used in the energy industry to implement resilient solutions. This approach is proven to help build consensus and focus resources while delivering desired outcomes.  Success Paths are quantifiable and are being applied on many levels throughout the industry, including: energy engineering technology and process development; decommissioning; policy development; and economic development.

Public Private Partnership Solutions

The SAGES team provides ongoing support for stakeholders during the full solution lifecycle including course corrections in real time as conditions change.

We use a variety of methods, ranging from hands-on technical support to the development and management of sophisticated public-private partnerships. This multi-faceted approach helps stakeholders identify and implement technically sound solutions in their diverse and complex engineering, economic, and political environments.